Calling on Parents/Guardians For International Day and Cultural week at Mercy Beaumont, 2023

March 22, 2023

This year during  International Day and Cultural week at Mercy Beaumont we thought we might change the format slightly.  As we all know our students are a very talented bunch. But of course  their talents are nurtured by you the /guardians. So we think now is your  time to shine ! So I am inviting any  parents /guardians who have a particular skill relating to playing music and/or cooking to come forward and participate in our International Day celebrations  on Friday 31 of March. In particular we are looking for muscians and cooks who will represent their ethnicity through song/musical performance/ food and in the case of the muscians don’t mind performing for our students. Of course if you are bursting to find an audience but dont do any of the above , you are also welcome to participate as long as it relates to art and culture.

If you think you would be able to do all or some of the above please call/text me at 0861857703 asap. Or email