Foreign Languages (MFL) Club

The Foreign Languages Club takes place once a week and aims to promote the learning of French and German to all students by means of fun activities. We play games such as Bingo, Stop the Bus, Telephone, watch videos and listen to music in French and German. Students from all year groups can join the club to develop their oral skills in their respective language, as well as developing their cultural awareness and appreciation.


Stem Club

Our 1st Year STEM club has recently begun in Our Lady of Mercy. It provides a chance for our students to engage with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Each week students will take on new challenges or projects to develop their skills as scientists. It gives students the opportunity to try new skills, work as part of a team and to explore their interest in science. Students have the chance to be creative and hands-on.

Our students meet every Tuesday lunchtime with the help of the science prefects and Ms Grimes to take on a variety of challenges including exploring chemical reactions, egg-drop challenge and many more.

Maths Club

Maths Club is an opportunity to ask questions that a student is too nervous to ask in class, or to get help with a topic that they can’t grasp or understand. Maths Club takes place every Monday in our school library and was created with the help of the Maths Department. Each week a few Maths teachers come down and go around to the students and work with them individually which helps the student to move at their own pace.


Chess Club

More than 605 million people play chess regularly. Challenge your brain to exercise logic, develop pattern recognition, make decisions both visually and analytically, and test your memory. These brain exercises can be part of the health of your brain for your entire life!