Pastoral Care System

Year Head

Each year group is under the care of a Year Head who has overall responsibility for attendance, punctuality and general conduct of the students in particular year groups.  Year Heads have overall responsibility for the pastoral, learning and behaviour needs of the students in the year group.  Year Heads are supported by the Care Team and regular meetings with the Principal and Deputy Principal.

Class Tutor

Each class has a Class Tutor who liaises with the Year Head when issues arise.. The relationship established between the student and the Class Tutor will be of particular benefit when difficulties need to be faced; that is why the class tutor is normally the first point of reference when problems arise. Also, the Class Tutor would, where practicable, remain with the class right throughout their time in the school.

Career Guidance Counselling

The Career Guidance Counsellor has a pivotal role to play in the school. She aims to facilitate all students’ career needs and assure them of continuous support and counselling. In the course of their lives people are faced with the need to make significant decisions that affect both themselves and those around them. For second level students these choices are focussed on three key areas:

  • Personal and Social
  • Educational
  • Career


Special Education Teaching

Our Special Education Teachers support students with a range of additional education needs. This support can be in the form of cooperative teaching, withdrawal groups or, on occasion, one-to-one teaching.

Special Education Teaching Core Team 2021-2022
Ms. S. O’Mahony
Ms. A. Armstrong
Ms. E. Kiernan
The team meets weekly: Friday 8.50-9.20am

Student Support Team 2021-2022

Ms. S. Doyle
Ms. E. Sweeney
Ms. E. Kiernan
Ms. S. O’Mahony
Year Heads (on a rotational basis)
The team meets weekly: Mondays 2.50pm – 3.20pm (year group 1) and 3.20pm – 3.50pm (year group 2)

Guidance Counsellor

The School Guidance Counsellor provides Personal, Vocational and Educational Guidances on a one-to-one and in group settings. Unique to Mercy Beaumont, we offer a Guidance module in every year group. This module covers topics such as self-management, study skills, self-care, anxiety, bullying and mindfulness to name a few.

Buddy System

Each first year class is supported by two designated 6th Year Prefects. These “big sisters” have received training in mentoring and in supporting students as they transition from primary to post primary.

Breakfast Club

Funding for breakfast is received from the Department of Social Protection and is provided for all students. Breakfast Baskets which contain healthy snacks such as juices, apples, oat biscuits, rice cakes, wheaten pancakes etc are available at various locations around the school each day.