Green Schools

Our Eco Committee

Our Lady of Mercy College has a very active Eco Committee, committed to improving the way our school interacts with the environment. The Eco Committee meets every second week and has over thirty members ranging from 1st to 6th year. There is also a dedicated Eco Prefect each year.

In recent years our school was awarded the Green Flag for recycling after a huge effort from the entire school community. The following year we celebrated ‘Eco Day’ in the school beginning with a visit from local councillor Deirdre Heney, representing the Lord Mayor Nial Ring, during which time our Green Flag was raised. Later in the day each year group was invited to partake in varied activities including an Eco Quiz, a Ted Talk by Greta Thunberg and a Creative Recycling competition.

More recently the Eco Committee has been planning to increase the biodiversity within the school grounds with plans for bug hotels, wildflower gardens for bees and bird feeders.

This year the Eco Committee has two main aims. The first is to get recycling back on track in the school. Work has already started on this with committee members preparing a survey and a presentation for all students during October’s tutor class.  The second is to begin our campaign for the second Green Flag which is based on the theme of Water.