Prefects & Student Council

Our Student Council

The Board of Management of Our Lady of Mercy College recognises that students have a voice and a contribution to make to the school. It is important therefore that they be given the opportunity to express their views on issues of concern to them in the school. It is equally important that they are listened to and encouraged to take an active part in promoting the aims and objectives of the school. The Student Council has representatives from each year group. The Council meets regularly and works in partnership with the leadership teams, students and parents to be the voice of students in policy making, improvements and positive change for our school community. The Student Council organise many events for students during the school year and raise funds for various charities and organisations.

Our Prefects

A Prefect System operates in our school. Prefects are 6th year students and they take on various roles and responsibilities in the school. Prefects are ambassadors for the school and are excellent role models for other students. Their function is to represent the student body at school events and to act as role models upholding our value system.

The Head Girl & Deputy Head Girl are appointed from within the Prefects.