LC and JC Mock Timetables

January 17, 2023

The mock timetables are enclosed and posted on the school website. Please note students only need to be present when they have an exam. Students may go home if they do not have an exam.
Mock fees are due and payable via the school app.
Students must be in their seats at either 8.45 or 12.45 for their exam
Some exams will have a compulsory study time before the exam is due to begin. This is to allow for minimal disruption during the exams.
Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the exams centres.
3rd years may go home for lunch for the duration of the exams.
Lunchtime will change for exam students only during the exam period. It will run from the end of their morning exam until 12.45.
3rd years who do not go home can use the canteen for their lunch
6th years who do not go home can use room 37