Managing Reluctant School Attendance and Avoidance Behaviour

October 27, 2023

The National Educational Psychological Service NEPS and the Department of Education have developed a guidance document titled Managing Reluctant school attendance and avoidance behaviour, to support primary and post primary parents. These documents will be released in November in tandem NEPS will be hosting two webinars(primary and post primary)  . These will aim to ,   orient attendees to these guidance documents for parents and schools and    provide schools with information and best practice on supporting pupils to attend and stay in school.

You can use the QR codes below to register for the webinars.


The webinar for primary is on the 21st of November @3.30 pm” alt=”0?ui=2&ik=d8a2d1fe1b&attid=0.0.3&permmsgid=msg-f:1780827720407947456&th=18b6c560611598c0&view=fimg&fur=ip&sz=s0-l75-ft&attbid=ANGjdJ8J71mpxHDGn6sna5MnGmwMahbIw16PbLd4xU38nvovKSLEaQgwCGZIR1k2iVAJ_shESZnRdQACsqZad81NjJEGq22PeBC3WXJhPLjAYAsYKIGFsJggTog_9Yw&disp=emb” />

The post-primary webinar is on the 23rd of November @ 4.30 pm” alt=”0?ui=2&ik=d8a2d1fe1b&attid=0.0.4&permmsgid=msg-f:1780827720407947456&th=18b6c560611598c0&view=fimg&fur=ip&sz=s0-l75-ft&attbid=ANGjdJ-a-OWao9-FWpcIVTCZ4U2jXTZ0qvYEH42cHYAOErros0AKar9My7WB2SVWz5KbMQZOtBOkGfOWq2ryfJOlDLBV3utDgtNYsnIWDUgE1aZy3pVTohKDIVnzFFI&disp=emb” />