Parents Challenge on Safer Internet Day

February 6, 2024

In recognition of Safer Internet Day 2024, we have decided to challenge you adults to go on an internet diet this week. That’s right to encourage our youngsters to put away their phones more often, us adults need to lead from the front and start living our lives away from a screen more often. So here’s the challenge, can you cut down your screen time and begin to find the pleasure in the non cyber world again? Go on give it a try! I have included a google form to be completed by Friday. Anyone who enters will have their name entered in a draw with vouchers as prizes.

Here’s a brief outline of the challenge.

– How much time do you spend on your phone in one day? Gather the data about your own habits

– Consider an alternative action- how can I break the habit of picking up my phone?

-What will I do instead ?-  go for a walk, play a game, read a book, chat to someone in the queue at the supermarket, bake a cake, get an alarm clock etc.

– The Challenge- one day to gather the data and one day to put yourself on a social media diet, before Friday . Fill out the questionnaire (link attached here) with your data. Good luck!Linktosaferinternetday