Tuesday tips for Parents and Guardians

February 27, 2024

Good Evening all

It is great to see the stretch in the days after the long dark winter. 

Remember every school day counts. 

Schools around the country have been spending a lot of time considering attendance . It is well known that  absences amongst students increased since the covid pandemic hit. And even since we are back to normal now the absenteeism is still an issue. The more a student attends school the better the outcome is for them when they enter into their adult life. This statement is based on fact. A student who attends 95% of the time misses 8 days , which is 48 classes. We have taken measures in school to encourage full attendance which involves challenging and rewarding students attendance(full and improved), additional classes(catch up classes) and our attendance committee made up of year heads and management. Last week over 200 students out of 362 attended 100 per cent of the time. That is testament to out parents and guardians working hard to make sure their daughter is in school. Remember every school day counts.  Lets build on those improved percentages.

Parents Plus

Parents Plus is an Irish charity that develops evidence-based, practical, parenting courses and mental health programs. Our mission is to improve the well-being of children and families, by training and empowering professionals to deliver our programs in their services.

There are eight different Parents Plus Programs for parents and young people, which are usually run as 6-12 week courses. The parenting courses are largely run free of charge or at a minimal cost to those attending.

Our programmes are delivered by professionals from many different settings, who have attended our trainings, and who go on to run programs throughout Ireland, the U.K. and internationally.

If you would like to attend a Parents Plus program in your area, please contact your local services for children and families, such as those listed below, or sign up for our online courses supported by the RTE toy show appeal. Or click the link attached parents plus


Parents Class

A lovely class was had by all today at the stain glass painting. There will be another 3 classes to go and you are welcome to come along next week if you haven’t been able to make it before. 

Congrats to Ann Turner for winning the Safer Internet Week Parents Challenge prize. Well deserved!